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Reconnecting adults and children with Mother Earth...

Finding that personal connection with the Earth deepens one’s love of nature and enriches life.

Children are the future, and without children rooted in the earth and nature, there can be no future.  An old Native American saying tells that when a decision is made, it must be made on behalf of seven generations to come.  Having such a  deep personal connection to the Earth gave the Native American the sensitivity to know if the actions they were taking made for positive change for their people and  all life.   If it did not, no action would be taken.  And that is why we call our school Seven Generations.

By replanting our feet back in the earth, we bring hope and promise of a brighter future. 

Seven Generations Outdoor School offers the making of tools and skills that will fully connect you to nature, like primitive shelters, friction fire, baskets, cordage, bowls and utensils, animal tracking, throwing sticks, tanning hides, camouflage, flint knapping, awareness, fishing spears, bows, arrows, and vision quest.  It is these ancient skills and tools that will create the personal connection to life and Earth, enriching at the same time as they teach.

It is our responsibility to hand down these great gifts, and here they are, in the form of  classes.  These skills and tools are the true teachers, and we just the facilitators.

Reconnection on this primitive level, brings out an understanding, a personal relationship with the Earth that can only be felt by this type of full emersion in nature.  Planting one's feet back in the earth in this way will make the future a brighter place for our children and grandchildren to come.

Seven Generations Outdoor School invites you to come join us, see you soon!


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