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Workshop List :

No. Course Date
1 All About Fire 4/28
2 Family Series 5/12、6/2、7/7、9/8、10/6、11/3
3 Adult Series 5/19、6/9、7/14、9/15、10/13、11/10
4 Basics of Cordage Making 9/29
5 Awareness and Nature Observation I 10/20~21
6 Island and Continental Survival 11/23~25
7 Introduction to Tracking 12/8
8 Advanced Friction Fire Early 2013


Registration and Class Policies

1. All workshops are limited to 20 people.
2. All workshops are in English with Chinese Translation on site.
3. Please fill out application and send it via e-mail.
4. Space is reserved when payment is received in full.
5. When the class is full, the news will be announced on the website.
6. If the number of people on the waiting list reaches the standard for a new class, a new schedule may be created for an additional class.
7. Should a workshop be cancelled or postponed, a notification will be sent out via e-mail 72 hours prior to class date. All fees will be refunded or credited towards other classes on the schedule.
8. If you cancel one week before the class, you will get 90% of your money refunded. If you cancel one week before the class, and want to take another class that’s on the schedule, we will apply the refunded 100% towards that class. If you cancel within a week of the class, you will not receive a refund.
9. All knives used in all workshops need to be locking blade or sheath style as shown in the photo.

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